Thank you for visiting our website and learning about United Source One.

Changes over the past 40-plus years have been the rule rather than the exception since I started my international career as a young sales manager for a Saudi importer and distributor of US beef. Over that period, near death experiences played a major role in our growth and mastery of the things that do not go according to plan. It’s all about managing problems. None of those business events challenged our any more than Covid and the realities of a post-Covid world.

In the best of times, USOne controls only a modest segment of the international supply chain from production through delivery. There have been times when it has felt like we control very little – if nay- of the supply chain.

Through it all, our stated mission remains the heart and soul of our business: Building bridges through trust, cooperation and mutual reliance.

Ultimately, it is all about people, passionate people who love to solve problems for others. In the age of the so-called Great Resignation, finding and retaining people that share our world view stands as a daunting task. Mastering the elements of the international food space requires years of experience, a proven game plan, technical expertise, and an obsession with execution in a world where complacency has become far too common, and poor responsiveness a fact of life.

At US One, we are problem-solvers, advisors, food experts and risk managers all built around a commitment to excellent and timely communication. The Covid era tested our resolve, and our performance sometimes failed to live up to our own standards as we worked to rebuild a strong team.

Here at United Source One, we will continue to focus on building those bridges around the world to help bring people together, making a positive difference in small ways, day by day.

In that spirit, here’s to peace, love and using our best collective efforts to making the world a better place.


Michael Imgarten
President, United Source One