Building Bridges with Trust, Cooperation and Mutual

United Source One is a unique food service distribution company dedicated to providing an unrivaled combination of goods and services
supporting food distributors, chain restaurant operators, and other importers outside of the United States with a major focus on the Middle East.

What drives us individually and as a company is our unbending quest to set the highest possible bar in our business for all to emulate.

We pledge to:

  • Create a specialized service and business that focuses on key areas of importance to international buyers of American food service products.

  • Provide an opportunity for our employees to focus on providing a
    nurturing environment for personal, collective, intellectual, and spiritual growth.

  • Attract employees, suppliers, customers and others involved in our business who share a spirit of cooperation, respect for one another’s roles and contributions and demonstrated sense of fairness and corporate integrity.

Our company and employees  embrace the differences and the common links among people, cultures, and religions.

We embrace the inherent goodness of all people, the most basic human desires, and need that bond us together. We recognize that our efforts are significant only if they help bring about a good, and positive impact on others.