The heart of United Source One is building bridges between people and cultures no matter where you are on the globe

For more than 20 years United Source One (US1) has been acknowledged as an international leader in the export and import of prime beef and other high-quality U.S. food products. Finding the right suppliers, investing in employee development, and continually improving our service is the recipe that makes US1 a specialist in managing the supply chain. 

Food is Our Bond, 
To Build Bridges Between People All Over the World

As our most basic human need, food connects us in a way nothing else can. Across cultures it is the common denominator bringing people together in markets, in corner shops, for meals in restaurants and homes. Food is a unique language spoken universally with the power to communicate between the most different of peoples. It is our passion to enable the unique power of food around the globe.

Why US1?

Our extensive reach into local markets throughout our established and reliable distribution channels sets us apart from our competitors. We provide customized, one-stop solutions for every step of the supply chain.

Our Numbers:

We are the #1 company in the nation in export experience to U.S. high-end chain restaurants.

  • Export in over 40 countries.
  • More than 100 international customers.
  • Thousands of food products from over 350 U.S. food companies.

At United Source One, it is our mission to:

  • facilitate the connection between suppliers and buyers of food products cross culturally, enabling food to bring us together.
  • give our customers the best quality food distribution services by connecting different levels of the supply chain across the globe.
  • problem solve to find the best solutions for our customers.

Subsidiaries and Brands

United Source One is the parent of Source One Imports, which focuses on the import of lamb and veal from New Zealand, Australia, and the Netherlands.

United Source One has its own brands for various meats, cheese, and cooking oil products that offer more flexibility in providing specialized customer experiences.