Welcome to United Source One

World leader in export distribution services of quality foods to the Middle East and around the globe

We were the first company in the nation to export to U.S. chain restaurant licensees in over 40 countries. Thousands of food products from over 350 U.S. food companies are distributed to more than 100 international customers.

Our signature product line is U.S. halal-certified foods. A key part of our total exports are destined for American casual dining chain restaurants. Other exports go to local food service distributors serving high-end restaurants and hotels.

"Our business means so much more than delivering goods across the seas.
Safeguarding our customers against the difficulties involved in the export and import of US food products is the key to our success.
We believe this sets us apart. This has always been central to our purpose."

Michael Imgarten
Founder and President

What We Offer

Export Logistics

United Source One is a leader in complete export food distribution services and problem-solving.

Custom Packaging/Foreign Language Labeling

Our labeling system is a custom-
designed system for efficiency,
accuracy and print quality.

Halal Services

United Source One coordinates Halal Certification logistics for customers. 

Inspection Services

As a one-stop shop, US1 provides onsite inspections for all exports.

 Third-party Support Services

United Source One’s modern warehouse accommodates frozen, chilled and non-refrigerated foods.


United Source One exports food products to dozens of countries around the globe.

United Source One Awards

16 years strong, United Source One is honored to be named once again as one of America’s Top Five Certified Angus Beef® Exporters