United Source One offers the highest quality products available in today’s marketplace.

Choices include our own brands, Great Plains Originals which provides customers with the best beef in a range of specialty grades and types, and Arrowhead which offers premium smoked and cured beef products. Our grades include Certified Angus Beef® and CAB Prime and Natural and USDA Choice and Select.

We also provide quality and choice with more than 3,000 products from a range of over 350 vendors.


Great Plains Originals

Great Plains Originals is United Source One’s signature brand of beef available in a range of specialty grades and types.

Our beef is specially aged by US1 for maximum tenderness and taste—a step skipped by most U.S. beef exporters.


Arrowhead, an exclusive US1 brand, offers the finest premium breakfast beef (bacon) varieties available today.


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