United Source One (US1) is based in Belcamp, Maryland. Since inception, US1 has been recognized as an international leader in the export of prime beef and other high-quality U.S. food products and has earned some of the industry’s most prestigious awards.

We are the #1 company in the nation in export experience to U.S. chain restaurant licensees in over 30 countries. Thousands of food products from over 350 U.S. food companies are distributed to more than 100 international customers.

We provide customized, one-stop shopping solutions for every step of the supply chain. Our expansive reach in local markets through our established and reliable network of distribution partners sets us apart from our competitors.

Our signature product line is U.S. halal-certified beef. About 50 percent of our total exports are destined for American casual dining chain restaurants. Other exports go to local food service distributors serving high-end restaurants and hotels.

US1 is a key force in helping popularize American food products and culture throughout the Middle East and around the globe. US1 also supports our troops through the Army & Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES).

United Trading, a subsidiary of US1 focuses exclusively on high volume commodity food products, primarily chicken and beef and from around the world.

Bell Export, a food and services subsidiary of US1, works with some of the largest food companies in the world.

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