Foreign Language and Custom Food Labeling

Increasingly rigid regulations imposed in recent years require up to six specialty labels on each export box. Our system is custom-designed system for efficiency, accuracy and print quality.

New product primary labels generally are transmitted to our office ahead of shipment to begin the process.  The data is entered into our computer system for translation and formatting in a variety of sizes and languages. Final drafts are transmitted electronically to clients for final review, comments and approval.

Once approved, the labels are printed on site and applied at either the point of production or the point of final processing.

Spray Dating

United Source One utilizes advanced spray dating technology for dry, chilled and frozen packaging with ink that is U.S. Food and Drug Administration-approved and tamper-resistant.

Ingredient Labeling Requirements

Ingredient references on packaging is extremely complex for exports to the Middle East, where requirements and restrictions vary from country to country. Our specially trained staff is familiar with ingredient restrictions and special label requirements for each country. We provide full ingredient, labeling and dating compliance with local regulations.

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