Thank you for visiting our website and learning about United Source One.

Selling and shipping specialized food products nearly halfway around the world requires much more than just loading boxes on a ship or an airplane. It takes a proven game plan, technical expertise and an obsession with execution.

Our mission at United Source One is to create a smooth and efficient bridge for moving the highest quality and safest American food items from the United States to dinner tables around the globe.

But the heart of our business is building bridges between people and cultures.  No matter where you are on the globe, nothing builds relationships and creates greater understanding faster than sharing a good meal.

Every single day, United Source One’s American exports and our American workers are building bridges between our nation and other countries. We believe we’re helping make the world a more livable place.

We also believe that independent, employee-owned businesses like United Source One are key to rebuilding the U.S. economy. High quality U.S. exports provide great jobs for Americans. And the ever-growing appetite for American food products around the globe means a steady supply of new jobs here in America.

In that spirit, here’s to international friends, engaging conversation and great food.


Michael Imgarten
President, United Source One


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